BTS’s RM Was Asked By 2022 GRAMMYs Host Trevor Noah If He Learned English Through “Friends”—Here’s What He Said

He was also asked which character he thinks he’s like.

Beloved K-Pop idol group BTS is setting the internet on fire with their appearance at the 64th GRAMMY Awards! Not only did they impress with their upgraded performance of “Butter,” they also excited ARMYs over their interactions with other artists.

BTS at the 2022 GRAMMYs 

During the show, host Trevor Noah sat down for a short chat with the boys, greeting them and asking how they were feeling.

First of all, guys, good to have you here. [When] we did the previous GRAMMYs, you performed it all the way from Korea, but now you’re here in person. Everyone’s healthy. How are you all feeling?

— Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah | Chris Pizzello/AP

After translating the question for his members, RM shouted, “We feel great! We feel crazy!Jungkook screamed, “Good!

Trevor Noah grinned and commented that it was great to have them there. He then turned to RM and asked him about a “rumor” that’s been widely circulated—his English.

BTS’s RM learned English on his own

He had heard that RM impressively learned how to speak English by watching the American sitcom Friends.

There are so many rumors I hear about you guys. I don’t know what’s true. Did you really learn how to speak English from watching ‘Friends?’

— Trevor Noah

American television sitcom “Friends” | Warner Bros. Television

RM confirmed the rumor and even called Friends his “English parents.”

When asked which character he relates to the most, he revealed that he’s most like Chandler. He brought laughter when he said that he can’t help but feel sad when he sees him!

  • Trevor Noah: So are you more like a Joey? Who do you think you are?
  • RM: Nah, I’m like a Chandler. When I see him, I feel so sad. (laughs) I love him, I love him.

That same night, BTS’s V got people talking when he whispered something to American singer Olivia Rodrigo. Check out what happened here:

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Source: Twitter