BTS’s RM Is Seemingly “Aging Backward” During His Recent Appearance At The “Rebound” VIP Preview

His outfit and makeup combo make RM look like a teenager!

BTS‘s RM has been in the K-Pop industry since 2013, and ARMYs have watched him grow and mature over the years. In particular, as one of the oldest, he has always had this “fatherly” image and always takes care of the other members.

Well, it seems like the idol has seemingly aged backward after his recent appearance.

BTS’s RM | @rkive/Instagram

On March 3, ARMYs couldn’t hide their surprise when BTS’s RM made an appearance at the VIP preview of the upcoming Korean movie Rebound. Even before making it onto the stage, all eyes were on RM as he made his way toward the media area.

Despite not being in the movie, RM was on stage amongst the film’s cast, and considering his height, it’s not surprising that the idol towered above the other stars.

The cast even rearranged themselves so that RM would be in the middle of them all and at the center of the stage, which made him very shy.

Unsurprisingly, despite being shy, RM was the model of professionalism as he greeted everyone at the event and made sure to give the cutest poses.

In particular, in photos from the press, RM was definitely the main event and showcased his natural visuals for fans and the media at the event.

When the pictures were shared, netizens couldn’t get over RM’s style but also how young he looked. By wearing a more casual outfit and minimal makeup, ARMYs thought RM looked like a baby and much younger than he actually was.

It seems like, despite his busy schedules, RM never seems to age… or even ages backward whenever ARMYs see him. While the group continues to grow and mature, it’s not surprising that certain events allow their natural beauty to shine and make them look even younger.

Source: Dispatch


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