ARMYs Think That BTS’s RM Has Been Lurking On Stan Twitter, And Here’s Why

“RM is watching us from his stan acc…”

When it comes to interacting with their fans, BTS has always been praised for their relationship with ARMY despite their fame. Sometimes the members give a glimpse to fans that they don’t just like speaking to fans but are lurking on social media.

In particular, RM recently sparked the curiosity of fans that he might be lurking on Twitter.


On August 17, a member of BTS posted a picture of their new phone, and many ARMYs quickly became detectives trying to work out who it could be.

Yet, fans quickly realized that it was RM by looking at previous photos of the leader and even looking in detail at the background on the phone.

Although many ARMYs praised RM for the choice of his phone’s background, which showcases his love for art, he quickly came back with another photo that had ARMYs laughing. In his next tweet, he captioned the photo “BTS edition..💜”

This time, rather than a simple background, RM treated fans to a number of new backgrounds: funny memes and iconic images of himself, alongside members Jimin, J-Hope, and Jin!

If that wasn’t enough, RM returned not long after to treat ARMYs to even more images of his phone’s background. This time, he ensured to complete OT7 with memes of the rest of his members with the caption, “By popular demand..” and only then were fans sure it was RM sharing these images as he added his name at the end.

After RM released all of his new backgrounds with OT7, ARMYs were certain that he definitely has a stan account that he uses not only to see what the fans are talking about, after many voiced that the members had been silent on social media, but also to save these iconic memes of his members.

It isn’t the first time ARMYs have thought that BTS lurk on social media after fan edits from fans made their way into the group’s music video “‘Permission to Dance’ Anywhere.” With the members lurking online, it is proof that BTS really does see everything…