ARMYs Call Out Weverse Magazine And HYBE For “Disrespecting” BTS’s RM

While many loved the article, they felt RM was done “dirty.”

ARMYs have hit back at HYBE and Weverse for disrespecting BTS‘s RM in a new article.

BTS’s RM | Naver x Dispatch

In 2017, BTS released the track “Spring Day.”


In particular, RM starts the song and through his lyrics and huge contributions to the song, the words hit so much with fans worldwide.


Recently, Weverse Magazine shared an article about the song. From the beautiful image at the top to the words throughout, it hit with many fans as the track is extremely special to so many fans.

Among the beautiful analysis of the song, the article explained RM’s desire for the track with a small quote from the group’s book Beyond the Story. Sadly, this was the only mention of RM in the entire article about the song.

 RM’s wish of wanting to create a song that is “loved by Korean people for a long time” as mentioned in BEYOND THE STORY : 10-YEAR RECORD OF BTS has come true.

When the post was shared, netizens hit back at HYBE and Weverse for underplaying RM’s contributions to the song.

In particular, many shared why “Spring Day” is so important for ARMYs and RM’s role in the song. While Weverse released the article, many put the blame on HYBE, who they believe must read the material before publishing it on the platform they created.

While many fans liked the article, they hoped that RM would be given more than just a line mention in a song that he played a huge part in.

Source: Weverse Magazine