BTS’s RM Finds A BTS Reference At The Art Basel Museums In Switzerland

RM can’t get BTS off his mind, even on vacation.

BTS‘s RM recently released his solo vlog documenting his adventures in Switzerland as he went “Namjooning” and explored the Art Basel museums.


Fans were even endeared with how the idol tried to promote his vlog on his Instagram, watching him struggle in real-time. But they weren’t surprised to see how excited RM was to look at all the different art pieces.


RM enthusiastically introduced the different art pieces and designers to fans, even giving an unexpected shout-out to Coldplay‘s Chris Martin.


But one art piece that even RM didn’t expect was in the “sports” section of one of the museums.


Although it was a green ping pong table, RM believed that it looked like BTS’s logo.

The table looks like our symbol.

– RM


And it definitely isn’t difficult to see the comparison to BTS’s logo, even though the table is green.

BTS’s logo

But the adorable comparison certainly proves that BTS is always on RM’s mind, even when he’s relaxing on vacation.

You can read more about his vlog here.

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