BTS’s RM Is All Too Relatable Trying To Update His Instagram

“He is me.”

BTS‘s RM is the most recent member to upload his solo vlog, and fans were delighted that they got to join him in “Namjooning” as he excitedly explored different art museums in Switzerland.


While the vlog is certainly soothing and endearing as RM shows his love for art…


Fans found the idol especially adorable as he tried to promote his vlog by updating his Instagram bio. While it’s normal for idols to update their personal Instagram accounts to promote their recent music or content…

BTS J-Hope’s Instagram bio promoting his recent album, Jack In The Box

RM didn’t seem to have a plan for promoting his new vlog, first writing “RM in Swiss..

| @btsinthemoment/Twitter

Before he changed it to “me in Swiss..

| @btsinthemoment/Twitter

Seemingly still unsatisfied with the caption, he changed it yet again to “me in Swiss vlog..

| @btsinthemoment/Twitter

Finally, RM seemed to find a bio he was satisfied with, “Me in Swiss vlog.. 🙋‍♂️”

| @btsinthemoment/Twitter

Fans couldn’t help but find the idol both adorable…

And relatable, knowing all too well the struggle of trying to find the right words to share.

Joking that at least they know he traveled to Switzerland.

You can read more about RM’s Instagram here.

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