BTS’s RM Opens Up About The Purpose Of His Instagram Account, And It’s As Deep As Expected

Everything he does is meaningful.

BTS‘s RM recently sat down for an interview with ARTnews where he focused on one of his main hobbies—art. It is no secret that he frequents museums both locally and abroad. In fact, his Instagram account has more photos of paintings and sculptures than of his own face.

The Instagram feed of BTS’s RM | @rkive/Instagram

In line with this, RM was asked about his thoughts regarding Instagram: “Some people use their Instagram as a kind of diary. What’s your relationship to your Instagram? Does it have a specific purpose for you?”

BTS’s RM | @rkive/Instagram

He first brought up the fact that the youth uses it as a medium of expression. More than just the photos posted, the entire account is a reflection of themselves.

I think young people these days use their Instagram feed to represent themselves. From profile introduction, hashtags, and the pictures they take at a certain place, every detail speaks for who they are and it’s one of the best platforms for self PR and branding.

— RM

| @rkive/Instagram

He, too, views the social media site as a way to get to learn more about a person albeit with limits. One’s photographs and words can be seen as summaries of their personality.

When I want to get to know someone, I often look through their feed, but I try not to judge the book by its cover.

— RM

| @rkive/Instagram

He referenced his username, rkive, and explained that it is exactly that: a collection of records about places, people, and more that are relevant to him.

My Instagram account is literally ‘just an archive’ about myself.

— RM

To RM, Instagram is a platform where he can show more aspects of himself. While he still posts photos of his stage performances, for instance, he also has numerous pictures of the latest artworks that caught his eye.

I’m sure that people are familiar with RM as a public figure on stage. This is an archive for both RM and Kim Namjoon, and I’m also doing it for myself in the future.

— RM

| @rkive/Instagram

Whether his latest post consists of concerts, museums, friends, nature, or something else, fans can be assured that RM’s Instagram page is a carefully curated portfolio of his life.

Source: ARTnews