Why Does BTS’s RM Visits Art Museums So Much? Here’s His Answer

His answer makes total sense!

BTS‘s RM is often spotted visiting art museums, and he finally explained why he loves them so much!

BTS’s RM | @rkive/Instagram

Whether he’s on tour with BTS or on vacation on his own, RM loves visiting art museums. Since he opened his Instagram account at the beginning of December, he’s shared photos from his trips to many museums, including the Chinati Foundation, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Menil Collection, and the National Gallery of Art.

In an interview with Vogue Korea, RM explained why he loves visiting museums so much and how he originally became hooked on viewing art.

| Vogue Korea

RM said he fell in love with visiting museums while on tour. He said, “When we went abroad, we stayed in our hotel rooms except when we were working. The only places I could go then were museums.” 

| Vogue Korea

During one of his museum visits, he had a “eureka moment.” During this visit, RM realized that the artist who had painted the piece he was looking at “was communicating directly with a boy from Korea” even though the artist had passed away a hundred years ago. The realization made RM a little envious of the extreme longevity of artists’ careers and inspired him to learn more about Korean painters.

I think the fact that painting is a totally different field makes it more enjoyable. When it comes to painting, I can be honest about my emotions. When it comes to music, it’s hard if you let yourself get jealous because there are so many great musicians and new talents. Also, painters have really long careers. Some hold their first solo exhibitions at age 40, and some don’t sell a single painting until they’re 60. But I debuted at age 19, and I’m told I represent my country now at age 27, and people ask me what I’m going to do next. It’s like I’ve transcended where I’m supposed to be at this point in my life. That’s why I want to have the longevity of painters.


| Vogue Korea

RM’s answer makes it clear that visual artists inspire him and that he wants his career to last as long as theirs do.

He also revealed that visiting museums helps him to get back in touch with himself. He said, “When I visit an art gallery, time seems to stop, and I can reflect on myself.”


Source: Vogue Korea