BTS’s RM Is The Biggest “Slam Dunk” Fan In His Recent Instagram Update

RM in his fanboy era.

Over time, BTS‘s RM  has gotten really comfortable with sharing his daily life shenanigans with ARMYs through his Instagram. While most of his recent posts are about his visits to galleries and museums, he often sneaks in fun moments of his personal life into stories. Though ARMYs love his unfiltered life updates, his recent stories had a few fans scratching their heads in confusion.

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RM recently posted two stories on his Instagram. The first one was a photo of his palm, along with someone else’s, and the text “No.1” and “Guard” were edited onto them.

| @rkive/Instagram

The second story was a video of him high-fiving the friend he was with.

Most ARMYs were confused about what those texts and the high-five really implied. That’s when the Manga nerds of the fandom came to the rescue.

Both the stories that RM posted are references to the Japanese comic series Slam Dunk. Since RM previously posted another story of him at a movie theater, fans are now guessing that he probably went to watch the movie The First Slam Dunk and posted the stories afterward.

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The first story was a reference to the characters Miyagi Ryota (Korean character name: Son Taesub) and Ayako (Korean version: Hanna). Ayako, the manager of the team, writes the words “No. 1 guard” on Ryota’s palm before the big game to motivate him.

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The high-five in the second story was a reference to the high-five of Hanamachi Sakuragi and Rukawa Kaede.

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As the resident Slam Dunk enthusiast of BTS, it looks like Suga now has some tough competition from his teammate.

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