RM’s Birthday Might Crash Twitter, William Shatner Warns Locals

RM’s birthday is here, and ARMYs are celebrating in full force.

BTS fans around the globe are celebrating RM‘s birthday, and you know what that means. It’s time to flood social media with birthday wishes!


On September 12, RM turned 25. He’s the second BTS member to celebrate his birthday this month. On September 1, Jungkook crashed Weverse and caused Twitter delays when he turned 22.


Canadian actor William Shatner, famous for playing Captain Kirk on Star Trek, wanted to know what was happening when he saw this error message on Jungkook’s birthday.


ARMYs soon lured this curious, starship captain into BTS’s blackhole, aka the fandom. They informed him that Jungkook’s birthday most-likely caused the Twitter error, and warned him that it could happen again very soon.


On September 12 (KST), William Shatner wished RM a happy birthday…


…and warned “locals” (slang for the general public) to brace themselves!


Twitter, Weverse, and more may have amped up their tech in preparation for the surge in traffic because no major crashes have been reported…yet! 


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