BTS’s RM Is Having Fun On “BTS Island: In The SEOM,” And He Even Got Some Revenge On Jungkook

It comes after Jungkook’s own island design!

At the end of last month, ARMYs couldn’t contain their excitement after BTS released their newest game BTS Island: In The SEOM. For months, the members have been promoting and getting everyone excited for the release of the game.

Alongside ARMYs, it seems like the members have been having a go at the game, and the most recent person is leader RM.


From the very moment it was revealed, BTS emphasized that they were going to be heavily involved in the creation and development of each stage. It isn’t surprising that the members all wanted a shot at the game to see the finished product.

“In The SEOM” characters | @intheseom_bts/ Instagram

RM recently went onto Instagram to share that he was also playing the game.

On July 1 (KST), RM shared a photo of all the members piled on top of each other. Of course, it wasn’t in real life, and it was actually the characters of all the members from the In The SEOM game.

BTS’s RM on “In The SEOM” | @rkive/Instagram

He also shared some cute close-up shots of his own character, who is dressed in a banana costume. One of the screenshots also included his username which is “알카이부” which can also translate to “Rkive.”

RM’s character | @rkive/Instagram
| @rkive/Instagram
| @rkive/Instagram

When RM’s username was revealed, it was obvious that people would search for his character and find the club that he had created. Eventually, many found the island named NamSaMo, which is an acronym for “Gathering of those who love Namjoon.”

BTS RM’s club on the app | @rkive/Instagram

Of course, it was a dash to try and join the exclusive club… and it’s fair to say that it was another struggle for ARMYs as the requests reached a maximum and people struggled to even ask to join RM’s newest island.

It seems as if you might need a stand-out username as one ARMY shared that someone in the group had the nickname “KIM NAMJOON’S WIFE.”

Those lucky enough to get in shared videos of RM’s island and it definitely seemed to reflect the idol’s personality. It was calm and organized, with all the members seeming to be having a great time.

| @btsinthemoment/Twitter
| @btsinthemoment/Twitter 

In particular, it seems like RM has got some revenge on youngest member Jungkook, who has also been playing the game and interacting with ARMYs.

When the game was first released, Jungkook showed himself playing the game. His username is “Do I have the face of a king?” which references a line said by Lee Jung Jae in the movie The Face Reader, and his club name was “Face of a King.” The description of the club was, “Only the strong survive.”

BTS Jungkook’s account | @jungkook.97/Instagram
BTS Jungkook’s club | @jungkook.97/Instagram

As it’s his club, Jungkook had a lot of control over the designs, and it even went as far as the members’ looks. While all the members of BTS seemed to have similar looks, Jungkook had a special vision for leader RM… because he was shirtless!

RM was shirtless on Jungkook’s island | @btsinthemoment/Twitter

Well, RM seems to have got his own back when creating his “In The SEOM” club. Many netizens, who were lucky enough to get accepted into RM’s club, noticed that while the idol’s character was wearing a cute outfit, the others didn’t seem to follow that pattern.

In particular, although the members of the rap line (RM, J-Hope, and Suga) had clothes on…

BTS’s RM | @hobiloves7/Twitter
BTS’s Suga | @hobiloves7/Twitter
BTS’s J-Hope | @hobiloves7/Twitter

The rest didn’t, including Jungkook, who had previously made RM topless on his island.

BTS’s Jin | @hobiloves7/Twitter
BTS’s Jimin | @hobiloves7/Twitter
BTS’s V | @hobiloves7/Twitter
BTS’s Jungkook is also topless like RM was on his island | @hobiloves7/Twitter

So far, RM and Jungkook have seemingly been having a lot of fun on the app and it probably won’t be long until the rest of the group joins them. From shirtless members, high-priced add-ons, and much more, it is the perfect way to interact with BTS in a fun way.

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Source: @rkive