BTS’s RM Crashes Jungkook’s Weverse Live And Flirts Up A Storm

He came, he turned everyone’s world upside down, and he left.

On March 14, BTS‘s Jungkook did a 2-part livestream on Weverse, spending time with fans and jamming to music. But the livestream soon became a one-on-one conversation when RM decided to join in, and soon, everyone else was left third-wheeling.

During the second livestream, RM left a comment joking that it looked like Jungkook had started a bar and said that he misses Jungkook, adding that they should drink together sometime.

Then, while Jungkook was taking song requests from fans, RM came back with his recommendations. He requested a bunch of different songs, including Younha‘s “Hyeseong,” LE SSERAFIM‘s “Antifragile” and “Impurities,” and Lee Hi‘s “Breathe.”

Jungkook couldn’t recognize some of the songs and complimented RM for his extensive knowledge of music. Then, he digressed a bit, talking about the time he spent observing the BTS leader in his studio when he had left the door open while working!

Despite his voice not being warmed up enough, Jungkook sang two songs while RM took it upon himself to keep praising his singing skills.

Then came the biggest whiplash of the entire evening, with RM professing his wish to date Jungkook, followed by even more praises.

Once Jungkook’s performance was over, RM complimented him some more and joked that he would be paying Jungkook through Kakako Pay for the performance. Jungkook got visibly flustered once he noticed RM’s previous comments.

Before leaving, RM left one last comment, encouraging the BTS maknae to work on his album. But the third wheeling was not over yet for ARMYs. After he left, Jungkook confessed that while he was singing, the only person he could think of was RM!

Needless to say, seeing this fanfiction-like scenario get played out in real-time did a number on ARMYs, who couldn’t hold back their bewilderment at the situation.