BTS’s RM Reveals He Only Ate Salads For Two Weeks To Prepare For The “Butter” Album Photoshoot

Here are the grueling ways he gets ready for the camera.

During BTS‘s Butter CD Single album photoshoot, RM revealed the hard work that goes into preparing for a concept photoshoot behind the scenes.

One of RM’s go-to secrets for looking good on camera is going for a run beforehand.

RM once showed this while filming the “ON” music video. In order to get rid of the bloating in his face, he went for a jog…

…and also warmed his body up by doing some push-ups.

Another one of RM’s methods is to watch what he eats…but it might sound a bit extreme to most people!

I only ate salads for about two weeks.

— RM

That means delicious foods are off-limits…

…but the amazing photos prove his hard work paid off.

Just see for yourself!

These types of sacrifices are not uncommon for BTS. Jungkook once revealed the extreme measures he took to lose weight for the “Butter” music video by surviving on only water for 5 days!

Watch the full behind-the-scenes video for the Butter CD Single album photoshoot below.