BTS’s RM Disagrees With Being Called “Serious,” And ARMYs Bring The Receipts

What kind of a person is the BTS leader in his own perception?

In the past few years, BTS’s RM went from an idol rapper to a poetic songwriter to a leader who people look up to for his intellect and social awareness.

BTS’s RM | @rkive/Instagram

RM’s reputation as a wise and solemn person has spread so far and wide that the term “President Namjoon,” which started off as a joke, has now become a legitimate nickname for the rapper worldwide.

But in a recent interview with Dazed Korea, the BTS leader contested the image of him as someone “serious,” saying that people might perceive him like that because of his UN speeches or similar activities. But in real life, his personality is quite the opposite.

I’m actually not sure why people take me seriously, but I think it’s probably because of my UN speech or the numerous interviews. However, if you just watch content such as ‘Psick Show,’ ‘Run BTS,’ or my vlog, you will know that I’m not that serious and heavy person 24 hours a day.

— RM, Dazed Korea

RM added, “I love humor and fun,” but he also admitted that he likes them with a dose of “responsibility.”

It would be nice to lead a life with only fun and pleasure, but if you add a little commitment on top, your life can become more fulfilling.

— RM, Dazed Korea

The seriousness that people see with regard to his craft adds to this contentment with life. But at the end of the day, RM feels that he is a “funny and strange” person in private.

The fact that there are things in the world that only I can do still makes my heart beat faster. It makes me live. Fun and commitment that’s not a bad recipe. I want to keep in mind that in private, I’m quite a funny and strange person.

— RM, Dazed Korea

After the interview was posted online, ARMYs agreed vehemently with RM’s opinion and brought along plenty of evidence to prove that, in reality, he is just a goofy guy.

With an IQ of 148, is it even a surprise that RM can handle multitasking as a jester and an intellectual at the same time?