BTS’s RM-Produced Snow Ducks “DTS” Might Have An 8th Member, Thanks To Jin’s Family

There’s another member?!

BTS‘s RM-produced snow duck sub-unit DTS (Ducktan Sonyeondan) finally made their long-awaited comeback today!

DTS | @rkive/Instagram

It was all thanks to the generous CEO Jin of “Jin Hit Entertainment.” As promised, he replaced RM’s broken snow duck mold used to create the seven members of DTS.

The snow duck mold broke last year so im currently not able to make any…

— RM

| Weverse

Shall I order one for you?

— Jin

| Weverse

That’s not all, though. Jin appears to have made another delivery.


Jin’s sister-in-law Ah Reum, wife of his older brother Kim Seok Jung, shared an update on Instagram. It seems like Jin might have visited them recently.

Au Reum (left) and Seok Jung (right) | @kimbutter_daddy/Instagram

In her latest update, Au Reum shared a photo of a solo snow duck and tagged her husband. Is this perhaps a new member to debut in DTS? We can only suspect that Jin is behind this new member.

🐤 Quack quack duck (or a chick…?) #snowy

— Au Reum’s caption

Jin is always thinking of his family and friends. Recently, he hand-delivered fresh strawberries from his uncle’s farm for Au Reum as she was having pregnancy cravings. Read more below:

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