“DTS” Almost Weren’t Able To Make Their Comeback, But BTS’s Jin Made It Happen

RM finally got his snow ducks back!

Remember DTS?

Last winter, BTS‘s RM debuted the seven snow ducks known as Ducktan Sonyeondan.

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ARMYs anticipated DTS’s comeback as it’s been over a year since their debut now, and RM had promised one. Unfortunately, DTS have been through a lot since we first met them. Not only did they melt, but RM broke the snowball maker he used to create DTS.

Ah yes, DTS. I produced them, but they seem to be a bit weak now since the weather is getting hot again. My heart hurt seeing them getting weak and disappearing. When they can come back in about a year, I will introduce them again to you all.

— RM

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We can’t say we’re surprised that he broke the snow mold… This is the “God of Destruction” we’re talking about here.

I have some breaking news though. My snowball maker is broken. I didn’t mean to break it; it just isn’t working properly anymore. When I use it, the ducks come out half-made or dis-proportioned so I’m going to have to buy a new one when it snows again.

— RM

Still, when the next winter came around, and it began to snow in Korea again, ARMYs were hopeful that DTS would persevere and make their long-awaited comeback. Yet, RM had to remind us again that the mold was still very broken, so there were no possibilities anytime soon…

The snow duck mold broke last year so im currently not able to make any…

— RM

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But he surprised us today with a new update posted to Instagram Stories. It was none other than OT7 DTS! They finally successfully made their comeback.

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Naturally, ARMYs are freaking out. We’re all overjoyed to see Ducktan Sonyeondan again.

So, it looks like RM was able to find a new snow mold after all! Well, he may have had some help.



Previously, when RM posted that the mold was broken, Jin had replied. He offered to buy him a new one!

Shall I order one for you?

— Jin

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“Jin Hit” is certainly a man of his word. Last year, he promised RM that he’d buy him a new bike for his birthday, and he did just that! We can always rely on him.

Also, it looks like Jin didn’t only buy a snow duck mold for RM. He also gifted one to his brother and sister-in-law!

🐤Quack quack duck (or a chick…?) #snowy

— Jin’s sister-in-law’s Instagram caption

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