Epik High Tablo Didn’t Listen To BTS RM’s Song Before Agreeing To Collaborate — His Explanation Proves What Kind Of Artist RM Is

“Greatness recognizes greatness.”

It’s no secret that BTS are huge fans of Epik High, having always shown support for the group’s releases.

Thinking about the past #070809.

— @BTS_twt/Twitter

BTS have also always taken opportunities to sing Epik High’s songs, like during a karaoke session in BTS In the SOOP 2.

Epik High have also continually demonstrated their appreciation for BTS, keeping a promise they made to RM during one of their concerts and even supporting BTS on social media.

Needless to say, fans were beyond excited that RM’s upcoming solo album, Indigo, includes a collaboration, “All Day,” with Epik High’s Tablo.

A collaboration that, according to Tablo himself, he and RM have been waiting for just as long as ARMY.

Tablo even teased that along with the highly-anticipated collaboration, fans could look forward to “more big announcements,” which fans already have some suspicions about.

In the recent “Album Magazine Film Teaser” for RM’s Indigo, Tablo explained that he agreed to work with RM as soon as he was asked about the collaboration.

He sent over a song, and I didn’t even listen to it before saying, ‘Let’s do this!’

— Tablo

Epik High’s Tablo | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

On Twitter, Tablo elaborated further, explaining that because RM “has worked tirelessly to reach the level where quality is a given,” listening to the song wasn’t necessary.

Tablo also explained that RM felt a similar level of trust in him as an artist, as RM “didn’t worry at all about what I would deliver.”

Although ARMY are well aware of how diligently RM works on music, always creating masterpieces, the praise and mutual respect RM and Tablo have for each other only makes fans more confident that this collaboration will be legendary.

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