Here’s How Epik High Kept The Promise They Made To BTS’s RM During Their Latest Concert

It all comes from an iconic “In the SOOP” moment!

When it comes to epic friendships in K-Pop, so many could be named. However, one of the most iconic has to be between BTS and Epik High! Over the years, fans have been treated to some epic interactions between the two groups, whether it’s promoting each other’s music or just showcasing their support.

The members of BTS and Tablo | @bts_twt/ Twitter

In particular, one moment that recently gained attention was during BTS’s latest season of their show BTS In the SOOP! 

In episode 1, the members showcased just how much they love Epik High as RM, along with V and J-Hope, are seen singing along to Epik High’s iconic hit “Fly,” which was also their first song to chart. However, they weren’t just singing. RM was also busting out some awesome moves to the hit song!

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Even at the time, the members of Epik High seemed to love the clip as much as ARMYs. Along with tweeting how much he enjoyed seeing RM dance to the song…

Tablo even shared it on his Instagram, adding, “For the tour, this will be the official choreography for Fly.”

Well, it seems as Epik High has stuck to their promise! The group has recently been performing in front of fans in Korea. Fans noticed that some of the choreography done during their track “Fly” seemed familiar…

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Luckily, ARMYs weren’t mistaken by the familiarity as Tablo revealed that it was actually the choreography done by BTS’s RM during In the SOOP. 

Amazingly, it is choreography made by BTS’s RM…we prepared many things like so for our last concert.

— Tablo

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Although it was hard for fans not to fully showcase their reaction, due to restrictions about not being able to cheer, there were definitely a lot of claps. International fans also shared how much they enjoyed watching the clip. It also showcased just how close the groups are that Epik High kept their promise and used the choreography.

It isn’t surprising that BTS’s RM was dancing along because, in the Summer, Tablo actually revealed that both RM and Suga had once told him that “Fly” was one of their favorite songs as it helped inspire them during their journey.

They told us that they grew their dreams while listening to our song ‘Fly.’ Whenever we see them receiving awards all from all over the world, we think, ‘It’s a good thing we made ‘Fly.’

— Tablo

Tablo on SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show” | SBS

As Epik High sets off on a world tour, ARMYs hope they will bring RM’s choreography with them. You can read more about the original reaction to BTS’s “Fly” rendition from Epik High and Tablo below.

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