BTS’s RM Explains The Message Behind “Permission To Dance,” And Our Hearts Are Melting

We can definitely feel the love in this song!

BTS‘s RM recently explained the message behind the group’s latest single, “Permission to Dance,” and his answer is so heartwarming!

RM | @BangtanStyling/Twitter

In an interview with Buzzfeed News, RM explained that the new sound BTS explores in “Permission to Dance” goes along with “the message we wanted to convey at this moment, right now.”  He also revealed that this song is a continuation of the K-Pop group’s delivery of their honest thoughts and feelings through their music.

We wanted to tell everyone that you don’t need permission to dance, and this message itself is bright and energetic. We’ve been delivering our honest emotions and thoughts through music for the past eight years, and ‘Permission to Dance’ is also one of those manifestations.

— RM

| BTS/Weverse

RM also added that BTS wants to send a sincere message through their music and they’re “looking for ways to return the abundant love that we are receiving.”

| @rkivefolders/Twitter

From RM’s statement, it’s clear that BTS wanted to share a message of positivity and hope with the world to remind us all to find some joy during these times!

Source: Buzzfeed News