BTS Reveal What Helped Them During The Tough Times Of COVID-19, And It’s Inspiring

“For the past year, everyone’s been through tough times, including us.” — Jimin

When COVID-19 hit, it seemed like the world came to a stop. From then on, we have all faced our share of challenges and difficulties with the changes. While we all struggled differently, it didn’t diminish each other’s personal problems. BTS recently revealed in an interview with BuzzFeed News how the pandemic affected them.

BTS’s V in “Life Goes On” MV | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

Within the past year and still, to this day, we have all been attempting to find ways to stay afloat and keep going. Whether it was trying a new hobby or rediscovering something you once enjoyed but lost time for, it became important to occupy oneself with positive activities. So, of course, for BTS, that was creating music. When BTS was asked how the group spreads positivity in hard times, Jimin responded by saying they simply did what they “could do best.”

For the past year, everyone’s been through tough times, including us. But we tried to keep ourselves immersed in what we could do best, which is music, because that was the best option we had at that time.

— Jimin

From left: J-Hope, Jimin, Suga, V, Jin, RM, and Jungkook in the “Permission to Dance” music video. | BIGHIT LABELS/YouTube

Last year, BTS released two songs specifically that were meant to encourage during these difficult times. First to be released in 2020 was “Dynamite,” a fun nostalgia-laced English track to help one forget their worries.

“Dynamite” MV | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

“Life Goes On” was released a couple of months later and was the most obvious in its positive message in that they told listeners that no matter what challenges they are facing right now, life will continue, and there will be better days ahead.

“Life Goes On” MV | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

Jimin also revealed that while music seemed to be the only option to help them survive the pandemic, he also viewed it as a way to stay connected with ARMY. At this time, their tour that was scheduled for 2020 is still postponed.

We also wanted to continuously share something with ARMY so we can stay connected. So our motivation was ourselves and ARMY.

— Jimin

Jimin | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter

Since then, BTS have released two more English songs, both filled with upbeat sounds with uplifting lyrics. Song of the summer “Butter,” like “Dynamite,” helps one forget their concerns and dance.

“Butter” MV | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

Yet, BTS’s latest song literally focuses all on dancing. While for the casual listener, it seems like any pop tune about dancing, “Permission to Dance” is so much more.

“Permission to Dance” MV | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

Similar to “Life Goes On,” the song is focused on hope and optimism. But while “Life Goes On” felt more distant in imagining hope for the future, “Permission to Dance” is about actively pursuing that better tomorrow today. The music video is also filled with references to current relevant topics related to the pandemic and global warming, showcasing social awareness.

We wanted to tell everyone that you don’t need permission to dance, and this message itself is bright and energetic. We’ve been delivering our honest emotions and thoughts through music for the past eight years, and ‘Permission to Dance’ is also one of those manifestations.

— RM


Creating music has helped BTS face and survive these difficult times. For us, listening to the music, they created helped these days become more bearable as well.

Source: BuzzFeed News