BTS’s RM “Exposes” ARMYs On “Suchwita,” Only For Suga To Do The Same With Jimin

They see everything…

BTS Suga‘s YouTube show Suchwita underwent a temporary makeover for its ninth episode, changing its name to Rchwita. Suga’s co-member RM took over the hosting duties as the host himself guested on the show as Agust D, the alias under which the rapper has released his solo album D-Day.

| @agustd/Instagram

During one of the conversations during the episode, RM and Suga started talking about BTS’s Chapter 2, the new era of the group after they announced their temporary break from releasing new music together in June 2022. Suga noted that during this new phase, RM seems more relaxed than when he was playing the role of the BTS leader.

Despite there being so much speculation about BTS breaking up, Suga believes that this break period will only influence the group positively once they resume making music together.

RM shared Suga’s optimism in people finally understanding the positive role of Chapter 2, but not quite the same way. He brought up a “funny story” to agree that fans finally see the bright side of this new chapter, but it ended up being an exposé!

RM brought up Jungkook‘s recent modeling for Calvin Klein, practically with “semi-nude” photoshoots. He noted that it made ARMYs realize Chapter 2 might not be all that bad!

Suga also wanted to make the honorary addition of Jimin to this list. He said that Jimin “took off a lot too this time.” RM agreed that he wears layers only to take them off, and Suga added that he also grows out his hair to flip it around and look cool.

In a span of a few minutes, the rapper duo ended up exposing both ARMYs and Jimin, leaving fans wondering how deep they are submerged in the fandom’s online circles.

The secret stan account accusations are starting to look more real with each second now.


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