BTS’s RM Proves He Can Make Anything Fun…Even Cooking Ramen

He filled the entire 3-minute cooking time with fun!

BTS‘s RM proved that he can make anything fun in the latest episode of BTS In the SOOP 2!


In the latest episode of In the SOOP, RM made himself some breakfast after eating some of Jin‘s bibimbap. He chose to make himself some cup ramen since he didn’t feel like cooking.

| BTS/Weverse

As he headed to the kitchen with his ramen, RM excitedly shouted “Let’s go!”

After he put his water boiling, RM quickly found a way to amuse himself. ARMY knows dancing along to BTS’s songs is a great way to pass the time, and RM definitely seems to agree! He started singing “Permission to Dance” and danced as he sang.

His sudden performance caught Jin off guard, and Jin remarked, “How random.” RM didn’t stop grooving along to “Permission to Dance” though!

As he walked back to the kitchen to see if his water was boiling, RM kept singing. Jin couldn’t resist singing along, so he sang with RM.

As it turned out, RM returned to the kitchen at the perfect moment, and his water was ready to be added to the cup of ramen. As he poured the water, he said, “Nice! It’s perfect!”

Although the water only took about three minutes to boil, RM filled his entire cooking time with fun, and he thoroughly enjoyed his breakfast!