BTS’s RM Gives A Heartbreaking News About His Pet Dog

“I never shared the news with you guys…”

The beloved pets of each BTS member have a special place in their fans’ hearts as well. While members like J-Hope and V share their moments with their pets more often, in comparison, fans haven’t gotten that many glimpses of him with his family pet, Rapmonie (or, as many call him, Monie).

RM with his pet dog Rapmon | @rkive/Instagram

Still, ARMYs got a few chances to see their sibling-like dynamic. Back in 2016, the BTS leader participated in a show called Try To Find Me and showed the hilarious “one-sided love” he has for Monie. From his request to look at the camera to his attempt to get a kiss from Rapmon, every effort was royally ignored by his pet puppy. Only when RM offered some snacks did he give an ounce of attention to his hyung.

Since then, ARMYs have witnessed many more cute moments between the duo.

From dressing his Rapmon in a cute Squid Game costume

| @rkive/Instagram

to throwing him a birthday party,

to simply hanging out with one another,

RM has shared multiple heartwarming moments with his furry companion.

On August 12, KST, RM held a brief live broadcast on Weverse. While talking to fans, he remembered something important to share with them. RM revealed the heartbreaking news that Monie had passed away around three months ago. He added that though he didn’t spend a lot of time with Monie, he was a part of his family, and his passing has been hard on them.

RM has made sure to keep Monie’s memories safe with him, as he revealed that he has bought a painting in his likeness and hung it up at his place.

After the broadcast, condolences and well wishes from ARMYs poured in on social media, while many looked back at the fond memories of Rapmon.