“This Is The Real…!” BTS’s RM Is Going Viral For His “Unfiltered” TMIs During His Live Broadcast

Sometimes, people never change! 😂

BTS’s RM is going viral for his “Unfiltered” honesty in his recent Weverse broadcast, and it has ARMYs knowing that he hasn’t changed at all.


On October 10, RM treated fans to a Weverse live where, as well as debuting his new haircut, the idol chatted with fans about everything and anything. As always, he tried to communicate with both Korean and international fans by switching between Korean and English.

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During the broadcast, RM shared that he was doing it at his home and proved that some things never change.

At one point, while showing ARMYs his house, the idol joked, “My house? It’s pretty but dirty.”

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He even joked that this was the real I Live Alone, which is a Korean documentary series that follows the lives of celebrities. As RM showed off his house, ARMYs felt like the idol was being honest and sharing parts of his personal life.

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RM even went on to share his home routine, and it was definitely TMI.

When I always get home, I was like, like this, I undress like this. I just throw it. I just throw it on the sofa.

— RM

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Netizens online couldn’t get over RM’s TMI.

When the video was posted on TikTok…


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Netizens loved how honest RM was being and, in particular, that his messy habits hadn’t changed since he moved out of the dorms when the members used to joke that the BTS leader was the messiest roommate.

RM never fails to make netizens LOL, and the way he just shared his routine but also acknowledged his messiness is why fans love him so much.

You can read more from the broadcast below.

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