“God Of Destruction” RM Was In Full Swing During BTS’s Appearance On “Good Morning America”

It was on live TV!

It’s no secret to ARMYs that BTS’s RM often finds himself in some unfortunate circumstances caused by sheer clumsiness.

In his presence, objects inexplicably crumble beneath his fingertips.

Earning him the nickname of “God of Destruction,” it seems nothing is safe from his butterfingered wrath.

As expected, BTS’s latest appearance on “Good Morning America” was no exception.

During the interview portion, the members answer a few questions with RM taking the majority.

As a physically expressive speaker, his hands almost knock over the display of BTS’s newest album, “BE.”

Luckily, he was able to realize in time before anything fell. His bashful laugh afterwards says it all!

Never change, RM!

Watch BTS’s full “Good Morning America” interview below.