BTS’s RM Got Candid About What He Thinks About Love And Which Part Disappoints Him In The New Teaser Of “The Dictionary Of Useless Human Knowledge”

A hopeful romantic, if you will.

On November 18, KST, the TvN show The Dictionary Of Useless Human Knowledge released an extended teaser, highlighting key moments from its upcoming episodes. BTS‘s RM and filmmaker Jang Hang Jun are co-MCs on the show, joined by four cast members—novelist Kim Young Ha, physicist Kim Sang Wook, forensic scientist turned professor Lee Ho, and astronomer Dr. Shim Chae Kyung. The program will focus on different topics in each episode through fun conversations and discussions among the six cast members.

The cast of “The Dictionary Of Useless Human Knowledge”

During one such discussion in the teaser, RM gave a very poetic explanation of what “love” means to him.

I thought a lot about what love is. There could be dislike, there could be jealousy too. There are several different emotions under the umbrella of ‘love.’


But shortly after this explanation, Kim Sang Wook added his perspective to the concept of love. He said that when you know your partner too well, you stop feeling the excitement that love brings to you initially.

If you know your partner perfectly, you won’t get the butterflies anymore.

—Kim Sang Wook

This observation probably hit a chord with RM as he replied, “Oh, that’s too sad!”

The romantic disposition of RM in the teaser has intrigued ARMYs into wanting to know more about what RM has to say about the topic. In fact, many have already started debating whether Kim Sang Wook’s observation is universally accurate.

Now, that’s how you know the teaser has done its job since the show is ultimately all about getting people to discuss different topics and exchange ideas!

The Dictionary Of Useless Human Knowledge is set to air its first episode on December 2 at 8:50 pm KST. You can watch the full trailer here: