BTS RM’s New Tourist Attraction Mural Finally Unveiled By City Of Goyang

The artist got his likeness down incredibly!

After weeks of painting, the city of Goyang in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea finally unveils their new tourist attraction mural of BTS‘s RM, and it’s absolutely gorgeous!

No matter how famous he becomes worldwide, RM remains vocal about his love for where he grew up: the district of Ilsan in Goyang, close to the capital, Seoul. He’s mentioned his hometown in speeches, interviews, and even in song lyrics. Now, the city of Goyang is giving back to its most famous resident by creating an RM-themed tourist attraction.

BTS’s RM | Big Hit Music

Last month, it was revealed that Goyang City Hall would be partnering with well-known RM fanbase MoNiJunNi for a special project in honor of his 28th birthday: painting a new mural. Painted on one side of the Goyang Tourist Information Center building, the mural measures 18 meters in width by 12 meters in length.

Goyang (2011) | Eungi731

The city authority revealed that they were inspired by RM’s passion for his hometown of Ilsan. During a United Nations speech in 2018, RM described the Goyang district as “a beautiful place, with a lake, hills, and even an annual flower festival,” sharing how happy his childhood was there and how he dreamed of saving the world while looking up at Ilsan’s night sky.

BTS’s RM as a child

RM even wrote a rap verse about Ilsan, Goyang in BTS’s The Most Beautiful Moment In Life pt.2 B-side, “Ma City”: “Ilsan is the place I want to be buried after I die / It’s the city of the flower, city of Mon.”

| Big Hit Music

Naturally, given RM’s affection for the city, it’s no surprise that Goyang City Hall wanted to return that love—and boost tourism in the process. Back in 2019, Ilsan held a month-long festival to celebrate the birthday of RM, whom they referred to as “Ilsan’s Pride.” The event included a fountain show with BTS songs, a BTS flash mob performance, and even a video compilation of his favorite places.

Now, Goyang City Hall is taking things to the next level with an incredible hand-painted mural. The artist, Oh Ye Seul, also worked on other projects for BTS, including a mural of Jungkook and Jimin in Busan.

Oh Ye Seul’s “JiKook” mural | @5yethree/Instagram

It took a while to get things perfect…

… but after weeks of work, the final completed mural has finally been unveiled for RM’s birthday! Painted in vibrant colors that reflect the rapper’s brightness, the realistic portrait also features a reference to “Ma City” and a cartoon cat—the mascot of Goyang, based on the Korean word for “cat”: goyangi.

| Goyang City Hall

Alongside honoring RM himself, the mural will also serve as a tourist attraction. The city is in the process of constructing a photo zone in front of the wall, but tourists have reportedly been snapping photos with it since before it was complete—and even city mayor Lee Jae Joon got in on the action.

Lee Jae Joon, Mayor of Goyang | @1eejaejoon/Instagram

Expressing his enthusiasm for the mural, Lee Jae Joon stated that the painting is sure to make a lasting impact for a long time.

It is a cultural content that will be visited, verified, and talked about for a long time, even from afar. It will be a place to certify good memories for both Goyang citizens and tourists visiting Goyang.

— Lee Jae Joon, Mayor of Goyang

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