BTS’s RM Has A New Hair Color, And It’s Going Viral 

It’s back!

BTS‘s RM is casually revealing his new hair color in a way nobody expected!


Usually, there are (unofficial) protocols for BTS’s makeovers. Oftentimes, the members will post photos of their new ‘dos on Twitter or Weverse or debut it at a public event. For example, Jungkook unveiled this haircut at the “Butter” press conference.


Instead, ARMY found out about “Purple Joon’s” comeback from Hyundai! Today, the motor vehicle company shared BTS’s new CF for Generation One, “the first generation to live carbon neutral.” The video teases upcoming #ExpectingGen1 challenges for TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube!

BTS | Hyundai/Youtube

In the video, RM is rocking grape-purple hair and a short, stylish cut while wearing candy-colored sweater…

| Hyundai/Youtube
| Hyundai/Youtube 

…and ARMY is loving it! “PURPLE JOON” has become a trending topic on Twitter as fans express their surprise and love for this purple-haired star.

The #ExpectingGen1 challenges begin soon! Until then, check out the CF: