BTS’s RM Gets Real About His Honest Thoughts On The Group’s Enlistment

It comes following news of Jin’s enlistment later in the month.

One of the biggest news in K-Pop this year was the announcement that BTS‘s Jin was canceling his request to delay his enlistment. It meant that after years of the government trying to make a decision on whether the group should be exempt, the group took it into their own hands.

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

The oldest member Jin was the first to announce his enlistment, sharing that he would be leaving on December 13.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagran

Although no dates for the other members have been revealed, HYBE shared that they hoped the group would come back together by 2025, with many assuming that all the members will have completed their enlistment by then.

After the announcement, BTS’s Jin shared his own thoughts during a live broadcast, revealing that it had always been his plan to enlist but the plans had changed.

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Yet, it seems like RM has finally opened up about his own thoughts on his upcoming enlistment.

Following the release of his new album Indigo, news outlet Variety released an interview with the idol. From the songs on his album, collaborations, and more, RM shared his honest thoughts.

BTS’s RM | @rkive/Instagram

In the past, RM has said that this album was a summary of his 20s. In the interview, he was asked whether his future enlistment was a reason for the album. In particular, they asked whether it was his chance to make a last personal statement for a while.

Although most idols allow enlistment to impact their decisions, RM seemingly didn’t take it into consideration when writing the music.

When I made this album, I didn’t know what was really coming, like when or how. So I tried my best but I think that’s not because of my military service. It’s just because I barely had time to concentrate on my own personal stuff because BTS was so busy and hectic for a decade.

— RM

| @rkive/Instagram

Although no date has been confirmed for RM’s enlistment, it’s not surprising that the idol was asked about his feelings about it all. For a long time, it was a huge topic of debate by the Korean government.

Enlisting is a huge event for South Korean males, and many have strong views on the topic. Yet, RM remained neutral when sharing his own views.

There’s no positive or negative on this point, because, you know, it’s just a military service and it’s a law, so every man has to serve the military service. So I think there’s no judging point that I can say it’s positive or negative.

— RM

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Of course, it is an unavoidable situation, and RM revealed that he understands that it is inevitable, and it influences his stance on the topic.

It’s just a situation that I have to go through. So I’m just calm, and I’m ready to go through the life that I have to go through.

— RM


It isn’t surprising that RM’s approach to his enlistment is neutral and calm, something that has made him a perfect leader over the years. The members are rightly focusing on their activities now but will go when the time is right.

Source: Variety


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