BTS’s RM Brings Back His “Clumsy” Reputation With His Latest Injury

It left him limping.

On September 14, KST, BTS’s RM hosted a belated birthday livestream on Weverse and spent time chatting with fans. During the conversation, the rapper revealed that he had recently injured himself quite badly.

BTS’s RM | Weverse


In the past, RM had a reputation for being clumsy, and he self-attested the tag on multiple occasions.

Most of the time, however, RM’s clumsiness results in hilarious on-camera accidents that make ARMYs even more endeared with his personality. But recently, it has caused some serious consequences for the BTS leader.

| Weverse

During the livestream, RM mentioned that he was limping because his foot was injured. He hurt himself while working out as he accidentally dropped a weight of 5kg on his foot.

RM said that he dropped the weight right on his joint and could tell that it would get bruised soon. However, he was nonchalant about it, saying, “Every day, I’ve been through this for 30 years.”.

RM might be used to getting hurt like this, but ARMYs couldn’t hide their concern. From his description, his injury sounded serious, but fans hope he can recover fast without too much pain.