BTS’s RM And J-Hope Are The Next To Try Out The Iconic “Yoongi, Marry Me” Line On Suga

The line to marry Suga keeps growing.

One of the current running jokes in the ARMY fandom that even the group have gotten in on are the words, “Yoongi, Marry Me.” While it began as purely fans expressing their desire to marry Suga, it has now turned into a meme that will probably never go away.

BTS’s Suga

ARMY began commenting the phase during live streams and even took it to the next level by making signs for the group to see during concerts.

BTS’ V and Jungkook even took it even further during a live stream by presenting Suga with a massive ring that he wore on his head, projecting the marry me message perfectly.

In the latest Run BTS special episode, fans were treated to a new concept involving each of the members holding a “live broadcast” that the other members would be watching and commenting on. The group were allowed to choose their topics, while the others were to act as fans do while they “broadcasted.”


It didn’t take long for the first “Yoongi, Marry Me” to pop up, but it wasn’t even during his turn!

Jungkook was up first, and he decided to do a drumming live stream, and the members immediately began teasing him for taking a while to begin.

Once he began, the comments started pouring in from the other members, continuing to tease the youngest member. J-Hope‘s comment of “Suga, Marry Me” was hilariously included in the spam messages.

Next to do their live stream was none other than Suga himself! His painting show was met with much enthusiasm from the members, including RM, who said he looked like Bob Ross, a famous American painter.

RM’s admiration didn’t stop there as he commented, “Fighting Yoongi! Marry Me” not too long into Suga’s broadcast!

Unfortunately for RM, Suga didn’t select his comment to read and instead focused on the task at hand, something many ARMYs experience during live streams.

Suga is definitely marriage material, so it’s easy to see why this joke, even amongst the members, will never end! RM and J-Hope will just have to fight it out with the rest of BTS’s fans for a chance at Suga!



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