The BTS Members Brag About Seeing Each Other…Because They Can

ARMY: *Crying in envy*

BTS‘s RM isn’t afraid to flex his “Bangtan Privelege!” ARMYs learned this the hard way from a recent Weverse post.

After posting a message thanking fans for BTS’s latest milestone, he ended it with the biggest humble brag of all: Seeing a fellow BTS member in the midst of ARMY’s drought!

ps. I’m going to meet Jimin now.. hehe;

— RM

As if that didn’t make fans jealous enough, it didn’t take long for social media fanatic J-Hope to comment with his own plans!

Oh !!! I’m seeing Jin Hyung kekekeke

— J-Hope

“They’re flexing their Bangtan privileges!,” ARMYs write on Twitter, imagining the wholesome interactions that go on during their downtime.

That’s not the only privilege of being a BTS member that ARMY wouldn’t mind having for themselves! Previously, RM flexed the fact that he was listening to BTS’s album BE before it’s release and posted a cheeky emoji showing off to fans.

| Weverse

From early music access to seeing each other whenever they want, being a BTS member sounds like a lot of fun…

…but we can’t help but be just a little bit jealous!