BTS’s RM And Jimin Went Full “MiniMoni” In This New Interview

RM and Jimin’s interactions stole the show during BTS’s interview.

If you like “MiniMoni“, you’ll love these new, scene-stealing moments with Jimin and RM!


On October 2, The Hollywood Reporter released a fun Q&A session with BTS, as part of their feature on the group. In it, the members answered questions about their favorite fan interactions, favorite songs, and more.


Throughout the interview, Jimin radiated charm. Every time he spoke, his natural aegyo bubbled to the surface, and much of it overflowed onto RM.


When RM translated Jimin’s answer about fan interactions into English, Jimin repeated after him, and cried, “yes!” to everything RM said.


He also did this.


When asked about their collaboration with Halsey, Jimin’s love was just too much for RM to handle.


As if that wasn’t enough, Jimin said that RM is the person he wants to collaborate with! RM’s response? “Shut up.” 


Jimin wasn’t finished yet, though! While other members named stars like Eminem and Justin Bieber as their biggest musical inspiration, Jimin said RM…


…and RM pretended it never happened.


Watch the full Q&A here: