BTS’s RM Got Sassy With Jimmy Fallon, And We’re Living For It

He didn’t hold back at all on “The Tonight Show”.

BTS‘s leader is calm, cool, collected — and surprisingly sassy.

RM | Tonight Show/Youtube

On Day 3 of The Tonight Show‘s BTS Week”, BTS performed “Black Swan”, won the “Dance Your Feelings” dance challenge, and sat down for a fun interview with host Jimmy Fallon.

He asked the members about their high school days, their chart-topping hit “Dynamite”, and their upcoming album BE.

We poured in the emotions that we feel now, such as joy and sorrow, in this album. There are a lot of good songs as good as ‘Dynamite’, so we hope that they can all make it onto the ‘Hot 100’ chart. Please look forward to it!

— Jimin

After “Jimin Fallon” teased the album’s content, Jimmy Fallon asked, “Are there going to be any more English songs?” It’s a popular question among curious hosts and journalists.

Instead of giving the usual answer, RM playfully clapped back by saying, “Can you write the lyrics?” 

Jimmy Fallon hastily backpedaled, insisting that BTS would not want his lyrics, but RM says otherwise!

That wasn’t the only time RM’s savage side jumped out on the show. When the host complimented BTS’s sense of humor, RM said, “We gonna take your crown, Jimmy!“. Hmm…The Tonight Show Starring BTS does have a nice ring to it!

Watch the interview here: