BTS’s RM And Jin Pick The Next Two Members To Go Live Together And Choose Their Activity

Who will be next?

BTS‘s RM and Jin recently surprised ARMYs by going live together!

Titling their broadcast “Namjin,” the duo put their skills to the test by building their BT21 characters, RJ and Koya, out of LEGOs.

At the end of the broadcast, the two decided to pick the next duo that would go live together.

Jin’s first choice was J-Hope, since he’s been wanting to have a drink with him lately!

However, RM picked the second member that many ARMYs have been waiting to see together with J-Hope again.

Let’s make it J-Hope and Suga!

— RM

Dubbed “Sope,” Jin admits the duo hasn’t done a live broadcast in a while.

ARMYs have been waiting patiently since their last livestream in 2019!

RM cleverly decided which activity they should do for fans.

Since they’re Sope, they’ll make soap!

— RM

Any activity that J-Hope and Suga decide will be entertaining.

From being silly together to indulging in some skincare, this comedy duo is a blast for ARMYs to watch!

Sope’s segment, Hwagae Market, will be opening again soon!