BTS’s Hyung Line Looks Stunning In New 2022 Dalmajung Merch Collection Concept Photos

This merch is not a want, but a NEED.

BTS just announced the return of their iconic Dalmajung merch collection for 2022. In celebration of the upcoming Korean holiday Chuseok, the word “dalmajung” represents the moment you look at the full moon on that night (In Korean, “Dal” means moon and “majung” means meet)!

Similar to last year, the gorgeous concept incorporates traditional imagery and features the members wearing hanbok, traditional Korean clothing.

2022 Dalmajung Concept Photo | @hybe_merch/Twitter

So far, the four members have the hyung line have revealed their stunning concept photos and videos for the upcoming collection. Check them out below!

1. RM

BTS’s leader shows off his piercing gaze in the moonlight.


2. Jin

Jin’s handsome visuals make the stunning traditional concept come to life.


3. Suga

Suga + Hanbok = A match made in heaven! 😍

4. J-Hope

This time around, J-Hope’s new beautiful dark hair gives off an innocent vibe.


Watch the trailer video below!