BTS’s RM Joins NewJeans’ Ever-Growing List Of Celebrity Fans As He Shows His Appreciation For Their Music At The W Korea Halloween Party

The interaction we all were waiting for.

BTS‘s RM and J-Hope recently attended “Love Your W,” an event organized by W Korea to support campaigns for breast cancer awareness. NewJeans, HYBE’s newest girl group, was also among the attendees at the event and the follow-up Halloween party.

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At the party, RM performed his latest collaboration song, “Sexy Nukkim,” with Balming Tiger. The audience in the room was hyped up while he performed, and the entire internet went crazy over his charming stage presence once the videos dropped.

But the tables seemed to turn when NewJeans went up on the stage and performed their extremely successful debut tracks. “Attention,” “Hype Boy,” and “Cookie.”

While the crowd was jamming along, a very excited RM was spotted bopping his head while mouthing the lyrics as if they were his own songs.

The members of NewJeans have always been vocal about their admiration of BTS as artists and seeing RM’s reaction to their performance, it’s now clear that the appreciation is mutual. What a full circle moment!

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