JYJ’s Jaejoong Shows Love For BTS RM’s Solo Mixtape, “mono”

This meeting of kings is small, but meaningful.

An unexpected collision of K-Pop generations is giving fans all the feels!


RM is widely regarded as a king of K-Pop’s 3rd generation, due to his musical achievements with BTS and the success of his solo works. Recently, he received love from 2nd generation K-Pop king, JYJ‘s Jaejoong.


On July 23, Jaejoong posted a story to his Instagram that features “Seoul”, a song from RM’s 2018 mixtape, mono. “Seoul” adds the perfect atmosphere to Jaejoong’s leisurely ride through city traffic.


This small, but meaningful interaction has RM and Jaejoong fans over the moon! The first K-Pop album RM ever bought was by TVXQ!, Jaejoong’s former group. Now, the fact that Jaejoong is listening to RM’s music brings everything full circle!