BTS’s RM Makes An Unexpected Appearance At Another Artist’s Concert

They also listened to ARMYs’ demands!

BTS‘s RM has been living a busy life since the group members started promoting as soloists.

BTS RM | @rkive/Instagram

During his Weverse live broadcasts, the rapper has mentioned his hectic schedule, most of which is either dedicated to working on new music or working out.

RM has also made a few appearances at elite events in the past few months, including the 2023 Milan Fashion Week and Frieze Seoul Art Week 2023.

Though fans are usually up-to-date about his public schedules, many of them missed out on his recent discreet “appearance” at another artist’s concert.

The artist in concern is none other than Balming Tiger, the famous Korean indie group that collaborated with the BTS leader on their song “Sexy Nukim.”

The group performed at the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival on November 12, leaving the audience impressed with their power-packed performances.

Balming Tiger at the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival

“Sexy Nukim” was among the songs on their setlist, and during the performance, the group played a never-seen-before VCR in the background. As soon as the videos surfaced, ARMYs spotted RM in the VCR, lipsyncing to his part in the song.

While the clip spread wide and far, ARMYs started demanding the official release of the visualizer to appreciate it in HD quality.

It looks like the higher powers were listening all along, and in this case, the higher power in question being the VCR’s director, Eun Hoo Song. Going by the username @rafhoo, Song was the live visual director of the entire performance of Balming Tiger at the festival.

On November 16, Song uploaded the HD version of the VCR on his Instagram account, which was then reposted by RM himself.

Meanwhile, fans are excited about RM’s future activities. He recently changed his Instagram display photo and bio, which many think is hinting at a comeback!