Every BTS Member Loves Being A Homebody…Except One

The others wouldn’t let him live! 🤣

The BTS members learned they are surprisingly made up of mostly introverts while recently retaking the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test. This was especially evident when everyone could easily agree on what they do over the weekend…except one specific member.

While it took the others no thought at all to choose staying home over going out, RM was the only member who admitted he just can’t stay in during the weekend!

He shared that this question acts like a shortcut to know if you’re introverted or extroverted, which was mostly accurate according to the members’ results: Everyone besides RM and Jimin scored introverted personality types.

True introverts need to recharge their energy at home after a week of being out, while extroverts need to find solace in being outside and with others.

The other started heckling RM for his choices…

…but he truly wouldn’t budge!

Introverts Suga and J-Hope were amazed at how often RM spends his time out, going on various adventures.

To the homebodies, RM’s Instagram trips are truly fascinating!

Learn more about what their MBTI results mean below.

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