Here’s How Each Of The BTS Members Celebrated RM’s Birthday This Year

Check out all of their sweet birthday wishes and photos!

The BTS members have gathered online to celebrate RM‘s birthday in the sweetest ways!

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Sharing photos of his candles displaying his age of 29, RM felt the love from his family, friends, and fellow members.

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Jimin shared a selfie of the two together during their time at a museum, followed by a short and sweet birthday message.

😚 happy birthday

— Jimin

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V shared a throwback photo on his Instagram featuring J-Hope and RM from Muster Sowoozoo 2021.

Namjoon-sseu HBD🥳
You are the fork and I’m the spoon

— V

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Jungkook shared a thoughtful comment amidst his busy schedule…

Hyung, don’t be sick. Wishing you happy birthday before the plane takes off hehe

— Jungkook

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…followed by J-Hope, who took his time to send a message from the ARMY! He even left a comment for Jungkook’s birthday which happened earlier this month.

  • “Namjoonie happy birthday 😢🫡 I love you❤️‍🔥”
  • “Our Jungkookie the Kookie happy belated birthday😭😢🫡
    I was so busy and am leaving (a comment) now
    Love you❤️‍🔥”
| Weverse

Jin and Suga have not posted — but of course, they are sending RM the best wishes in real life!

Suga, Jin, and RM

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