BTS’s RM Shows The Inside Of His Gorgeous Home And Now Everyone Is Totally Jealous

It’s so pretty!

As a lover of chic and sophisticated styles, BTS RM‘s new home is going viral for its stunning interior.

Surprising the BTS members with his cleanliness, RM completely changed his ways since the time they lived together. During their dorm life, he was known for being messy. However, now that he has his own space, he’s more motivated than ever to keep it tidy!

He recently posted a video of his home during some rainy weather, showing off all the dreamy and cozy vibes that interior design enthusiasts could ever ask for!

Revealing various angles of his home, his neutral and warm-toned aesthetic has a natural feeling that he’s known for loving.

| @rkive/Instagram

His love for art makes his home appear like a gallery, displaying some pieces he likes in the prettiest ways.

| @rkive/Instagram

From art on the wall to cute figures around his home, the whole look of the place screams, “Namjoon!”

| @rkive/Instagram

Netizens describe his home as “interior goals” and hope to one day get a tour from RM!

  • “But really lol I can understand what the members said about him, he’s really clean”
  • “His living room is so wide. But hearing the rain like that is seriously awesome”
  • “His interior is seriously too pretty, and the colors are warm too”

| @rkive/Instagram 

RM’s chic and sophisticated style can serve as inspiration for anyone’s interior design choices.

Source: Instiz