BTS’s RM Gets Raw About Who The Real “Kim Namjoon” Is In Latest “Proof of Inspiration”

He wasn’t sure of his true identity.

The fifth “Proof of Inspiration” video for BTS‘s upcoming anthology album PROOF has recently been released.

PROOF Album Promotion Schedule | @BIGHIT_Music/Twitter

Following the previous members of V, Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook, leader RM is next discussing his song choices.

I thought that it would be great if ‘Intro: Persona’ and ‘Stay’ would go in our anthology album, PROOF. 

— RM

RM on the set of the “Intro: Persona” music video. | @bangtan.official/Facebook

RM discusses how “Intro: Persona,” the intro of Map of the Soul: Persona, dealt with his struggle to understand his true self and the gap between the person Kim Namjoon and the music artist RM.

‘Intro: Persona’ starts with ‘Who am I!’ so I’ve been thinking about that a lot while we ran full speed ahead since our debut, and even now.

— RM

With various sides of himself, it’s hard for him to pinpoint exactly which one is his true self. Different people, such as his family, friends, or fans, may all see different sides of him and know only a part of him.

I have many different personas: there’s Kim Namjoon as a human being, there’s Kim Namjoon who is a family member and friend, and then there’s RM who makes music. I have all these different ‘me’s, so sometimes it comes as a heavy burden, and at times I wonder who the real ‘me’ is.

— RM

However, as time went on and the struggle to find himself continued, he realized he didn’t have to choose which side of him was actually him: He’s made up of all these different parts of himself.

But in the end, I found that all these personas that I’ve been shifting between are all me.

— RM

His next song choice “Stay” ties in perfectly. A song about being together even when apart, the loved ones in his life are always there for him through his journey of self discovery and accept all sides of him as he is.

And I think the members and our ARMY who ‘Stay’ed by my side no matter which of the ‘me’s I was are my Proof.

— RM

Listen to his full explanation below.

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