BTS’s RM Narrates New Sustainability Ad Campaign For Hyundai And 2022 FIFA World Cup

They hope to start a sustainability movement.

BTS‘s RM is featured as the narrator for a new Hyundai Worldwide ad for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, one of the biggest sporting events in the world.


RM, one of the Hyundai brand ambassadors as a member of BTS, begins the commercial by asking viewers, “What makes a great goal?” 

What makes a great goal? Is it the one that electrifies? The one that is too good to be true? That just steals our breath? The one that shakes the world with a thunderstorm of a thousand voices? The one that rewrites football history? Or is it a goal that is far greater than that?

— RM

| HyundaiWorldwide/YouTube

Finally, RM reveals Hyundai’s mission for a better tomorrow. They hope to unite the world for sustainability.

A goal we at Hyundai are committed to driven by heart and technical prowess. A goal that humanity can only score together. Under one jersey, one flag, and for one monumental cause: A united world for sustainability. When we rise as one team, Team Century, we can still win this game.

— RM

| HyundaiWorldwide/YouTube

The commercial concludes with English professional football (also known as soccer) manager and former player Steve Gerrard assuring viewers that “great things are coming” and asking them, “Are you in?”  

| HyundaiWorldwide/YouTube

ARMY might also notice seven jerseys with “BTS” and the number 7, representing the group, in the video.

| HyundaiWorldwide/YouTube

Hyundai has launched a new sustainability campaign titled The Goal of the Century in time for Earth Day. It is backed by all-star athletes, recognizing football’s influence on the world as well as the BTS members.

What is the greatest goal of all time?
The one that is scored on the pitch? The one you make in your life? Or is there one goal that can even save our planet?
One that every human will celebrate. That ultimate goal to unite us all.

Hyundai aims to score the most important goal: a united world for sustainability. For this, we unite with football legend Steven Gerrard to score our goal.

Celebrating Earth Day 2022 we start this unique campaign, inviting everyone to participate in our effort to raise attention for our goal.

Join the movement and help to score our Goal of the Century. Are you in?

— Hyundai Worldwide

This isn’t the first Earth Day ad promoting sustainability featuring BTS. Last year, all seven members encouraged “eco-friendly activities to improve their everyday lives while raising awareness and inspiring others.”

As brand ambassadors, BTS frequently appear in Hyundai promotional materials especially related to carbon neutrality and sustainable living.

Likewise, BTS recently appeared in a commercial for another brand they are ambassadors for, Samsung. The electronics company launched a new global campaign, Galaxy for the Planet, with the goal of saving our planet through sustainability practices too.

Samsung has always pushed the boundaries of mobile technology, and the company is now looking to do the same with its sustainability practices. By giving new life to discarded fishing nets that would otherwise become dangerous waste, Samsung – through its creative solution – exemplifies how we can all do more with less to conserve our planet’s resources.

— Samsung

BTS are passionate about using their fame for good, raising awareness on social issues and environmental topics. They have spoken about it at the United Nations and often choose brands to represent based on such important platforms.

Watch the new Hyundai ad for the 2022 FIFA World Cup below:

Source: Hyundai

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