BTS’s RM Blesses Fans With New Birthday Photos

He’s thanking ARMY for their birthday wishes.

It’s RM‘s 25th birthday, but ARMYs are the ones receiving presents!


In celebration of the big day, RM logged into Twitter and Weverse to thank fans with two different sets of photos.


The first Twitter photo shows RM looking bright as sunshine in a yellow sweater.


In the second one, life imitates art!


There’s also photos of RM waiting to embark on a new adventure…


…and admiring an abstract painting.


On Weverse, RM posted the same thank you message, plus four more photos.


In this one, he looks happy and relaxed while posing outside on a beautiful, clear day.


RM’s love for nature and art continues with these sculptures…


…and this installation piece.


This final photo, taken in the middle of a cobblestoned street, is straight out of a magazine pictorial. What a model!


On this special day, RM’s friends and fans are flooding the internet with love, to let him know how much they appreciate him. As RM once said, “at least this planet has Namjoon”!