RM’s Reply To A Fan Is Restoring Everyone’s Faith In Planet Earth

He’s making ARMYs proud to be Earthians.

If you’re feeling anxious about the future, just remember one thing: this planet is the only one that has RM.


BTS‘s wise leader has encouraged millions of fans with his inspirational lyrics and “Speak Yourself” UN speech. His wise words have been quoted in yearbooks and turned into tattoos.


Now, a new quote is making ARMYs feel at peace. On July 22, a fan expressed their disappointment about a failed driving test on BTS Weverse. RM personally responded and encouraged the OP like this:


“At least this planet has Namjoon”. These simple words are now soaring through social media like a comet through space. RM’s quote has already inspired this comic by Hector Janse van Rensburg


…and for many fans, it’s restoring faith in themselves, in humanity, and in planet Earth.


Honestly, the rest of the solar system is probably jealous!


If Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the rest of those losers want RM, too bad. Earth just wouldn’t be the same without him!