BTS RM’s New Instagram Post Features All Of His Members, Just Not In The Way You’d Expect

It will take a moment to sink in.

BTS leader RM recently came back to South Korea after his short trip to Japan, where he attended the final round of &AUDITION: The Howling as a guest. He has been posting pictures from his trip, which include his visits to art museums, casual cafe hangouts, and even a one-on-one meet-up with the famous artist Takashi Murakami.

Although all of his posts are extremely pleasing to the eye, the most recent photo dump has a snap that is extra special because it features all the BTS members. But you would have to pay a little more attention to figure that out.

The photo is actually of RM clicking a picture of seven cartoon figures of the BTS members on the wall of a cafe in Japan.

| rkive/Instagram

Though many fans seemed to have missed out on the OT7 feature since it is pretty much blended in the background, some eagle-eyed ARMYs took note of it. While some were touched by his gesture, others felt that RM’s actions were just like ARMYs who would pause in their tracks anywhere to take a picture of anything BTS-related.