BTS RM’s Old Instagram Story Leads To A Hilarious Debate Among Fans

He deleted the story a while later, intensifying the speculations.

You’ve probably heard of butt-dialing, but have you ever seen someone butt-posting? Well, ARMYs believe that’s what BTS leader RM might have done on his Instagram a few days ago.

| @rkive/Instagram

RM is usually open to sharing candid moments of his life through his Instagram stories. That’s how he updates fans about his trips and workout routines and sometimes even shares personal moments like an album-release party at his home or a jamming session with his musician friends.

So, it’d be safe to say that fans know to expect unfiltered content from his stories. But they couldn’t help but wonder if his recent Instagram story was actually an accidental post. On March 20, the rapper uploaded a picture of what looked like his black marble table at his house, with some random objects scattered on it.

Some of the things on the table were obviously intelligible, such as the bottle of Xylitol pills, a cup of coffee, and a marker. There was also an interesting black candle there, which is known as the Knigi Candle, made by a company name Nieves. The candle’s design is based on the ghost from Benjamin Sommerhelder’s book Knigi.


But the object sitting farthest in the picture had people confused. Some started speculating that those circular metal rings looked like handcuffs and subsequently started to lose their marbles over the possibility. The fact that RM deleted the story shortly after posting it didn’t help to curb the NSFW spirits. However, most fans seemed to recognize those to be keychains correctly, and the exchanges between the two groups got hilarious by the minute.

Well, as amusing as handcuffing an elf sounds, what are the chances that RM would be up for such an adventure, that too in the middle of preparing for his next musical projects? Or, maybe those really are handcuffs to capture the Smoke Sprite he and So Yoon were talking about in their song…food for thought.