BTS’s RM Reveals The One Sport He Believes He’s Genuinely Good At

He’s a natural!

In a new BANGTAN BOMB, BTS go to a roller rink to film their “Dynamite” performance for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. They even got a chance to roller-skate while they were there!

While leader RM was lacing up his skates, he got nostalgic and reflected on the past, revealing that it had probably been two whole decades since he had last skated!

Seriously, without exaggeration, it’s been 20 years. I used to ride inline skates. Wow, it’s been ages.

— RM

He shared that he used to enjoy skating as a kid. He was eager to do it again, revealing that he felt it was the one sport he was genuinely good at!

I used to love roller skates. It’s the only sports I’m good at.

— RM

Although it had been so long since he skated, he immediately got the hang of it again! It must be like riding a bike; once you’ve done it once, you immediately pick it up again.

His face lit up as he roller-skated. Instant serotonin is seeing RM this happy!

He appeared to have so much fun as he skated circles around everyone else. The “God of Destruction” isn’t so clumsy at the rink.

It looks like RM might have to invest in a pair of rollerskates!

While RM was a natural at roller-skating, it didn’t come as easy for everyone else. Check out the other members’ experience below:

BTS Display Brotherly Love For One Another As They Help Keep Each Other From Falling While Roller-Skating

See the full videos of BTS at the roller rink below:

Source: BANGTANTV (1) and (2)