BTS RM’s Casual Livestream Outfit Actually Costs More Than A New Luxury Car

Check out the details of his expensive look!

BTS‘s RM recently went live to celebrate his birthday with ARMYs!

Fans went crazy for his casual “boyfriend-material” look. However, his cozy outfit is way more pricey than it appears — In fact, you might not believe how much some of the pieces cost!

His watch alone could probably pay for a few years of your college tuition! He rocked the Geneve watch from Patek Philippe which costs over $82,000 USD.

| @bangtan_style07/Twitter

His cozy hoodie is no ordinary loungewear. His Louis Vuitton sweatshirt costs upward of $1,000 USD.

| @bangtan_style07/Twitter

Similarly, the matching pants retail for around the same price.

| @bangtan_style07/Twitter

With RM’s humble personality, you might never guess he’s sporting such fancy clothes!